Mobile Region

Searching for a job?

Extend your horizons and start searching job cross-border!

Through “Mobile Region” project we want to help you find a job. Our goal is to raise the low number of cross-border job seekers in the HU-CRO cross-border area and to strengthen socio-economic interactions between Hungary and Croatia.

About the project

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen socio-economic interactions in the border regions of Hungary and Croatia by stimulating the labour market mobility. The project aims at promoting the exchange of good practices between stakeholders concerned - public authorities and institutions, the social partners and the private sector, as well as the potential employees in the region. The priority of this project is to raise the low number of cross-border job seekers in the HU-HR cross-border area.

The project is expected to:

  • improve the forecasting of labour market trends by providing tools for common analysis;
  • raise capacities of the public sector for providing support to migrant workers by educating the employees in the public sector;
  • and improve awareness on labour market needs through project visibility actions.

Project will ensure better matching of job skills with vacancies by using a joint web portal; and better matching of cross border demand and supply of labour by the exchange of information among the partners.

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