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Through “Mobile Region” project we want to help you find a job. Our goal is to raise the low number of cross-border job seekers in the HU-CRO cross-border area and to strengthen socio-economic interactions between Hungary and Croatia.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zala County


●       chambers in 19 county towns and in 3 towns with county rights build up the network of Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

●       Public law corporation

●       Members – Departments (Classes) – Deputy’s Assembly – Presidency – Executive Board – President – Vice President (general and 4 for each department: commercial, industrial, handicraft, services)

●       Chamber’s Office


In cities the county chamber has elected corporations as the representation of interest of local enterprises.


Town’s Offices: Zalaegerszeg (Zalalövő), Nagykanizsa, (Letenye, Zalakaros), Keszthely, Hévíz, Lenti


At the moment we have ca. 1100 members, the number changes continually. The minimum member’s fee is 15.000.-Forint, the maximum is 1.000.000.- Forint.


Our services:

●       Informationsportal of the chamber:

●       Electronic newsletter

●       Expansion of business relations

●       Transfer of business partners

●       Organization of outings, trainings and coachings

●       Economy-development

●       Vocational training, Trainings for masters

●       Lookout for tenders

●       Certification of documents

●       Széchenyi – Card (preferential creditform from 500.000 to 25 million Forint)

●       Preferential Memberscard

●       Greivance committee

●       Arrangement of ethic affairs

●       Operating of the Hungarian-Slovenian Department of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

●       Preferential advertising surfaces