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Through “Mobile Region” project we want to help you find a job. Our goal is to raise the low number of cross-border job seekers in the HU-CRO cross-border area and to strengthen socio-economic interactions between Hungary and Croatia.

Croatian employment service, Regional office Varaždin

The Croatian Employment Service (CES) is a public institution of special significance to the Republic of Croatia, its citizens, business entities and institutions. The CES operates through the following organisational units:

  • Central Office,
  • 22 regional offices, and
  • 95 local offices,

thus making its services available across the whole Republic of Croatia.


 The main responsibilities include:

  • Placement services provided to unemployed persons and job-seekers in the country and abroad;
  • Financial and legal protection of unemployed persons during unemployment;
  • Vocational counselling of unemployed and other persons in making career and occupation choices;
  • Organisation of vocational education, additional training and retraining programmes;
  • Monitoring and analysis of labour market conditions and informing the public of he same;
  • Promotion of employment and education through implementation of active employment policy measures.


The users of our services are:

  • Employers – companies, craft businesses, entrepreneurs, cooperatives and other;
  • Unemployed persons – persons actively looking for employment, who are available for work, who earn less than the highest amount of the unemployment benefit and claimants of unemployment insurance benefits;
  • Job-seekers –persons registered with the CES  who are looking for employment but are not claiming unemployment insurance benefits, including employed persons, students and other;
  • Pupils, students and other – the CES is open to all persons who need information concerning employment and labour market.


What services do we offer to unemployed persons and job-seekers?

  • Information about job vacancies from various sources, along with information about the labour market demand, economic trends in particular regions, successful entrepreneurs and other;
  • Info desk services (the place for regular reporting, handling of administrative matters, arranging individual counselling and group informing sessions, obtaining legal advice, etc.);
  • Individual counselling – assistance in assessment of the work, professional and personal potential, assistance in drawing up a career and employment plan, job placement services, feedback on activities carried out and the results achieved;
  • Group informing – provision of information about the situation in the labour market in the concrete region (unemployment structure, occupations and short or excess supply) as well as about the CES services that can assist in job search and the rights and obligations based on laws and regulations;
  • Various workshops the goal of which is the acquisition of knowledge and skills ensuring successful orientation in the labour market;
  • Financial and legal protection of unemployed persons (unemployment benefit and other types of assistance);
  • Vocational guidance sessions – assistance in additional (self)-assessment of personal possibilities and characteristics in choosing an adequate educational programme, determining the remaining working ability and assessment of the working potential for a concrete job position.



Croatian Employment Service

Regional Office Čakovec

+00 385 40 396-808

Blaženka Dasović


Croatian Employment Service

Regional Office Varaždin

+00 385 42 401-510

Spomenka Štefan