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Međimurje County

Međimurje covers only 730 square meters on the north part of Croatia with about 120.000 residents what makes it the most densely inhabited  Croatian region.

Međimurje is surrounded by two natural borders – the river Mura in the north and the east and the river Drava in the south. These two rivers give natural and geographical characteristics to Međimurje. Mura parts it from Slovenia and Hungary and Drava from the rest of the country.

Mura and Drava define regions shape, relief, natural characteristics and name of the region. Interesting fact is that in the upper Međimurje are ending the eastern sides of Alps.

As the crossway in traffic sense, Međimurje works as dynamic and open area. It is placed on the way of important traffic routes that bring it closer to other part of Croatia and neighbour middle-european countries.

Only about hundred km far from main city Zagreb, close to Hungarian and Slovenian borders and close to Austria makes it hard not to be aware that it has an exceptionally good geostrategic location which is of great importance for economic development of this region.

Međimurje consist of 22 districts and 3 cities Prelog, Mursko središće and Čakovec which has always been the main administrative, economical, cultural and historical centre of this region.

Climate conditions, convenient topology and relation between hilly and plain parts as well as availability and redundance of water go in favour of manufacture of almost all agricultural sorts. In Upper Međimurje climate conditions and soil are convenient for fruit and vineyards. In Lower Međimurje we find the most fertile soil for agricultural sorts.

Natural resources of water and geothermal sources near places Vučkovec and Sveti Martin na Muri contribute to the development of tourism in Međimurje.