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Zala County

The surface of Zala County is in general hilly and surfy. The area is allocated by 2 landscape: Keszhely Height which is part of the Transdanubian Mountains and Zala Hill which is part of Transdanubian Hill.

Zala Hill is a middle land lain on the west border side of Hungary. On the combs river dregs can be found. The County is morphologically articulated by dense, almost parallel valleys expanded to south.

Most significant river of the county is Zala River which is the main water deliverer of Lake Balaton.

Zala Hill can be divided into 5 hills: Göcsej, Hetés, Egerszeg-Letenye, Zalakaros-Zalaapáti-Zalaszentgróti and Nemesbük-Türje. The flattest area of the county is the surroundings of Small-Balaton. Beside Small-Balaton only River Zala, River Mura and the valley of Principal-Canal are flat.

The population of Zala County is around 300.000. The 56% of the population of the county is about urbanite, 38% of the population lives in cities of county rights. One third of the population lives in Zalaegerszeg small-region, other 22 % lives in Nagykanizsa small-region. According to its population Zalaegerszeg is the 17th, Nagykanizsa is the 20th and Keszthely is the 57th biggest town in Hungary. Accordance with population: Zala County it the 16th biggest county in Hungary.

From the point of tourism the county belongs to two regions: Western Transdanubian tourism region with Balaton tourism region. Its most important area is the 30 km long beach at Keszthely and Balaton together with Lake Hévíz. 

The main tourism charms of the county are the nature, the medical baths, the romantic “göcsej” landscape, the living folklore and traditional village hospitality. The wide forests give the opportunity of hiking.