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Koprivnica Križevci County

Koprivnica Križevci County has a total surface of 1.748 km2 and is one of smaller Counties in Croatia. Total number of population is 124.467 and in administrative sence is divided into 3 Towns (Đurđevac, Koprivnica, Križevci) and 22 Municipalities. County is located within pannonial-peripannonial macroregion of so called Zagreb area and is neighbouring County to Međimurje, Varaždin, Zahreb, Bjelovar Bilogora and Virovitica Podravina County.

Koprivnica Križevci County is very good located concerning to important European traffic corridors and represents crossing of transversal corridor Budapest-Rijeka and longitudinal corridor Varaždin-Osijek.

Koprivnica Križevci County is mostly lowland area, on one part boundedwith Drava river, while on the other part are hilly border areas of Kalnik and Bilogora. County is relatively rich with natural resources, has significant cultivated areas suitable for agriculture production, significant forest and water resources, as well as very rich natural and cultural heritage.

Within Koprivnica Križevci County economy development, following sectors have a key role: food processing industry where company Podravka Ltd. has most important role, then trade, pharmaceutical industry, construction, agriculture, manufacture of beverages, paper industry and wood-processing industry.

From most important cultural, historical and tourist characteristics of the County it’s necessary to highlight Koprivnica fort and Malančec villa, Greek Orthodox catedral and Old Town Kalnik in Križevci, sand area in Đurđevac called Đurđevački peski and Old Town in Đurševac. Regarding event we emphasize Podravina motives as a central event in Koprivnica, Križevački štatuti and Great fair called Veliko križevačko spravišće in Križevci and Picokijada in Đurševac as protected intangible and cultural good in Croatia.

Border with Hungary on north-west part of the County offers a significant number of opportunities for cross-border cooperation which already exists during the last few decades on different areas. With the aim of entering EU and development and improvement of cross-border cooperation, Koprivnica Križevci County as well as County institutions have already prepared and implemented several EU funded projects in cooperation with many Hungarian partners: „DRAVIS“, „DRAVA RIVER BASIN “, „VILLAS“, “MATRIOSCA“, „BIKE ROUTE THREE RIVERS“, „CROST“, „DRAVIS2“.