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Labour Center of Government Office for Zala County

The first step of the reform in the government administration was the opening of ‘Government-window’ in Zalaegerszeg and Nagykanizsa in our county.

The Government Office is a polity body with general competency. The former administration office frames the main-bureau of the Government Office to where all the functional tasks (human policy, financial administration, informatics, legal advice, transnational co-operations) of special departments have been relocated together with Educational Office as head-department.

Organizational unities of the main-bureau of Government Office for Zala County:

  • Government deputy
  • Head-director
  • Director
  • Internal Inspectoral Department
  • Government Deputy Cabinet
  • Legality Inspectorial and Supervisory Head-Department
  • Magisterial Head-Department
  • Tuitionary Head-Department
  • Coordination and Organizational Head-Department
  • Human-policy Head-Department
  • Financial Head-Department
  • Informatics Head-Department
  • Legal Action Advocacy Department

The former county bureaus of state offices adjoined to the main-bureau and continue their professional operation in the Government Office as special departments.

Special departments of the Government Office:

  • Social and Custodian Office
  • Board of Housing Office
  • Justice Affairs Service
  • Plan and Land Protection Directorate
  • Forestry Directorate
  • Agronomy Directorate
  • Comestible-chain Surety and Animal Health Directorate
  • Land Office
  • Health Support Counter Special Department
  • Pension Support Directorate
  • Labour Center
  • Labour Protection and Labour-case Special Department
  • Customer Protection Inspectorate
  • Commons Health Special Department
  • Vehicular Inspectorate