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Međimurje County


Territorial organisation of Republic of Croatia is divided in 21 counties. Every county has its own local government. County of Međimurje performs business related to education, health care, urban planning, economic development, traffic and traffic infrastructure as well as planning and development of network of educational, health, social and culture institutions.

For its needs County ensures means from its own sources. Some of them are means from movable and real property business in County ownership, county taxes, gift and legacy taxes, fees and benefits and a part of means from state budgetary.

Regional government is represented by County Assembly that functions on the principals of parliament. County Assembly is a body of regional government that considers propositions and has a power to take decisions in the frame of law and duty of the County. There are 41 members of Assembly. They meet on Assembly meetings at least once in three months.

County Assembly has a president and two vice presidents. It appoints and dissolves of duty the Governor and two Vice Governors, it sets up working bodies of the Assembly, public institutions and other legal entities in charge of economic, social, communal and other activities in the interest of Međimurje County. It also decides on a matter of budget and about cooperation with other units of local and regional government in Croatia as well as accession in international institutions and organizations.


1. Prefect of Medjimurje County
2. Vice Prefect of Medjimurje County
3. County Prefects Department
4. Department for the needs of the Asambly and the General Affairs
5. Department for Economy, Transport and European Integration
6. Department for Education, Culture and Sport
7. Department for Health, Social care and National minorities
8. Department for Internal auditing
9. Department for Physical planning and building
10. Department for enviroment protection and municipal economy
11. Department for budget and public procurement
12. Department for agriculture and tourism