Mobile Region

Searching for a job?

Extend your horizons and start searching job cross-border!

Through “Mobile Region” project we want to help you find a job. Our goal is to raise the low number of cross-border job seekers in the HU-CRO cross-border area and to strengthen socio-economic interactions between Hungary and Croatia.

Closing Conference of the project Mobile Region


Closing conference of the project “Mobile Region – Towards a more competitive labour market in the cross border area” was held on Friday, 26 August 2011 in Koprivnica.

Mrs. Tihana Kraljic, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship and Mrs. Diána Rózsa, Head of the Joint Technical Secretariat in Budapest expressed their support to this project and the importance of cross-border cooperation. Also, representatives of project partners, Mr. Petar Novački, President of Međimurje County Assembly and Mr. Darko Koren,  Koprivnica-Križevci County Prefect held their welcoming speeches.

The project aims to increase mobility of labour force and of unemployment in the Croatian-Hungarian cross-border area and to encourage the exchange of good practices between stakeholders - public authorities and institutions, social partners and the private sector, as well as potential employees in the region. The project was supported by the IPA CBC Programme Hungary-Croatia, lasted 16 months, with budget of 211,714.00 euros. Hungarian partners are the Labour Centre of Government office and Commercial and industrial chamber of Zala County. Croatian partners are Croatian Employment Service, Regional offices of Varaždin and Čakovec, PORA Development Agency of Podravina and Prigorje and the main partner of the project Međimurje County.

The project included numerous activities, of which the most important are analysis of cross-border labour market, training for professionals who deal with recruitment, promotional materials and the creation of web portal with the purpose of facilitating the recruitment process for both employers and the unemployed.
The value of the project has been recognized by the European Commission. They included Mobile Region project as a positive example of cross-border cooperation in the brochure of European territorial cooperation, in the competition of all European cross-border co-operations.